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Artist Interview// Teddi Parker

I have been following Teddi's daily posts of beautiful small square paintings on Instagram for a while now. Teddi is a self taught artist from Fort Collins, CO. She paints small canvases. I love the dedication she has to her daily practice. I reached out to Teddi because I wanted to hear how she found her voice as an artist.

Can you share with us how you found your love for painting?
I was waiting for the semester abroad to start. So I picked up some supplies around the house (my whole family is artistic) and began. Just copying at first, then setting up my own still lifes. I found artists and styles I admired. I explored and painted often. The switch inside me was turned on.

What tool you cannot live without?
I keep it simple, but I need large flat brushes. I love how much ground they cover and the interesting shapes they make.

Teddi Parker Painting

Teddi Parker Painting

Where do you find inspiration for your paintings?
Other artists, house hold items, the thrift store. I really like painting glass and reflective objects. There are endless options everywhere. Around the holiday season I usually find something new to add to the theme. This year it was little peppermint candies in the twist wrappers.

Teddi Parker

Teddi Parker Painting

Can you share with us one project that you are super excited about?
Hmm, I don't take on a lot of projects outside my home and studio - being a stay at home mom of two little girls - I've had to really say no to a lot of things and make sure my priorities stay correct. Painting is for fun and I am so thankful I get to do it without having to worry about income. I did agree to a workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina next year though, that's new. I'll be demoing painting with house paint and walk folks through my process and let them in my head.

List 3 favorite artists:
Carol Marine, Scott Freeman, Ryan Kohler. All living, all wonderful.

I know you have started off without formal training and taught yourself through the years. Do you have any advice for others who want to learn but don’t know where to start?
Find artists whose style you admire and copy. Read blogs, watch video tutorials, and practice, practice, practice.  Eventually your own style will show itself. I recommend all the painting resources at dailypaintworks.com. There are weekly challenges if you need a push to the easel, there are videos and written tutorials, there are loads of other artists to discover and follow.

Where can we find you?
Instagram: @teddiparkerart
website: www.dailypaintworks.com