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Welcome! I'm Liron.
I am an art lover, creative director, brand developer, entrepreneur, art museum junkie & a mama of 3 young kids who loves to get messy with colors any day of the week. Safe to say, art plays a pretty big role in my life.

For the past 15 years as a creative & art director I launched brands from fortune 500 companies to individuals. I was successful but honestly, it wasn't enough. I started feeling static and wanted to find another way to express myself. My vision was to create a studio that it's purpose is to connect art, community & philanthropy. I cultivated Owl & Antler years ago. Designed the logo, printed it, hid it in my drawer and let it incubate. Until 2019. My kids had friends over. We put some music, grabbed a few snacks, I took out art supplies and we went to town. That freeing moment with the kids sparked what Owl & Antler is today. Owl & Antler is a creative playground and my passion is to unleash creativity in your life. Now, Let's have some fun.