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Artist Interview// NYC Documentary Photographer - Angela Cappetta

The friendship between Angela and me goes years back. What started as a regular client relationship quickly changed into creative phone calls of goodness about anything and everything. Our work continues to cross paths every now and then and it is always a pleasure to work with such a genius. Angela is pure magic behind the camera. She puts anyone she shoots at ease and make them forget the camera is there. Angela captures any moment beautifully and creates a documentary masterpieces. 

What tools you cannot live without?
Leica M6 with a 50mm collapsable lens, My absolute favorite

Can we get a sneak peak pic of your studio?
Dark room of Angela Cappetta
You bet! Here is my darkroom. It’s a little messy but you get this idea.

You have such a special combination of commercial and documentary projects. Could you tell us about one of the projects that really inspired you?
Work by Angela Cappetta

I’ve been shooting dress fitting for a few years. I use black and white film. I also develop and print everything in my darkroom. It’s very satisfying.

List 3 favorite artists:
This is so hard. My favorites get updated and change based on what is hitting me in my creative center. I’d have to say these days I’m into Meg Franklin, Joe Olson and of course Jessie Mann.

Looking back, what career advice would you give to young Angela?
Young Angela probably wouldn’t have listened but I’d tell her to clean up her act and stop all the side hustles: just shoot.

Recently you founded the NFPO The Medusa Project. What was the reason you started the organization?
I saw a profound need in the north country for better arts and culture programming. The kids are smart and eager to learn, but the school system is limited and they don’t get a lot of opportunity to express themselves culturally or artistically. They work so hard; many of these kids work the farm with the family. I saw a need to insert a programming component into the hill towns. It’s been hard getting it off the ground but I really hope it makes even a small difference in the quality of life.

What is currently in your pipeline? What's next?
I’ll never tell.

Where can we find you?
Instagram: @angelacappetta
website: www.angelacappetta.com