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The Artist Group<BR>Gather your group of 4-7 friends<BR>Pick your time <BR>K-4 Grade

The Artist Group
Gather your group of 4-7 friends
Pick your time
K-4 Grade

The Artist Group is an 8 week virtual creative playdate. Get a group of friends together and let's have a fun time.
Welcome to a judgement free zone for kids to experiment with color.  We offer art classes that go beyond “paint and sit.” We really dig in to artistic genres. This way, our students come out knowing the difference between, for example, abstract art and representational painting. We put emphasis on hand drawing and creative brain exercises. Students will journey through Modern Art era and create art projects to go along with it. 

Important information: A short list of supply and log in information will be emailed after registration. Classes are small to allow collaboration between students and instructor.

Email to schedule your time / date session: lkormas@owlantler.com

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